Man Goes For A 3 A.M. Walk, Never Expected To Find 2-Year-Old Girl All Alone On The Street

Solomon Jones stepped outside during the wee hours of the morning. As he made his way down the streets of Memphis, TN, Jones spotted a situation that nobody would have expected to see.

Just down the road, he saw a small figure. A 2-year-old girl was toddling down the street, in the cold and unaccompanied at 3 a.m.

Jones quickly reached out for the child, knowing he had to help her get home. The toddler’s safety and well-being were now in Jones’ hands.

He made his way through the dark and silent neighborhood while firmly carrying the 2-year-old in his arms.

The little girl was too flustered to relay any kind of message regarding where she lived or why she was outside at that hour. Jones called the police.

Thankfully, Jones’ agile actions saved the 2-year-old girl from both danger and the cold. Eventually, the cops arrived and were able to return the frightened child to her parents.

But why was the child outside by herself in the first place? According to the little girl’s mother, someone else was watching her the night she made her way onto the empty Memphis streets.

Jones received some backlash for calling to cops into a situation like this, even though he was not left with much of a choice. Regardless of people’s opinions, Jones was a Good Samaritan that night.

“I just really want someone to be able to, you know, to do the same thing — have the same heart as me if they found my daughter out like that,” Jones explained.

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