Screaming Man Jumps Into Subway Tracks, As People Nearby Plead With Him To Come Back Up

A crazed man holding a bottle of vodka started yelling and jumped onto the D- and B-line tracks at the 42nd Street/Bryant Park station, he threatened to kill himself — all while ranting for “equality” and “social justice,” a witness said.

Brooklyn-based photojournalist Eli Wohl, who captured the scene on film.

“People were mostly pleading with him: ‘Just come up, come up,’” Wohl recalled. “Whatever he did, he kept on mentioning different social issues — women’s rights and racial stuff.”

First responders and straphangers worked to get the man off the tracks, he continued to taunt them by licking his finger and threatening to touch the third rail, Wohl said. He was eventually removed without injury.

“He said: “Should I lick my finger and touch the third rail?’”

The lunatic was mumbling about equality when a Brooklyn-bound train slowly pulled into the station and stopped at the entrance.

“In a NY first, I just saw a man on the subway tracks at Bryant Park threatening to kill himself over the unfair treatment of women,” Twitter user Michelle Collins tweeted.

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