Man Captures Photo Of Cop To Protect Him

Tyler Russell of  Circleville, Ohio saw a police officer standing outside of his vehicle, and he snapped a picture of the on-duty officer. Russell noticed the officer, was from a different county, so he decided to park the car and watch the officer. He shared his reason for observing on the Ohio Going Blue’s Facebook page.

“To the sheriff deputy outside messing with his cruiser what you didn’t know was I sat in this parking spot watching over you watching your back I got your 6,” Russell wrote with the photo to Ohio Going Blue.

Russell was armed and he had a gun in his car.  He wanted to make sure no  criminals took advantage of the officer when he had his back turned.

“What else you didn’t know was that I got a CCW and I will protect your life if it comes down to it,” he wrote. “Your (sic) not on your own out here. Stay safe sir. This is at the Circleville, Ohio Wal-Mart but however you are from a different county.”

Russell ended the message with “Igotyour6”, sparking thousands to join the inspirational hashtag movement.

If you’re not familiar with the “got your six” phrase, it comes from the military to express when someone “has your back.” The term comes from World War I fighter pilots who were protecting the rear of a comrade’s airplane at the six o’clock position. Because your back is the most vulnerable spot, having a buddy looking out for you means the world.

When Russell shared the photo and his story on the Ohio Going Blue’s Facebook page, it quickly went viral. It was shared 300 times and liked by more than 1,400 people.

While the officer’s name and his county is unknown, he is probably proud to know that people like Russell and other Ohio residents are armed and ready to take action if things go down.

Facebook users shared their gratitude to Russell and the other good guys with guns in America.

“How awesome! It’s good to know some people support our guys! I pray for my husband every day he walks out the door to go to work!” one user commented.

“This was truly awesome to see! My father does a lot in response vehicles both police and firefighter. It helps ease a lot of anxiety to see there are people watching over them! Thank you so much!!!” another wrote.

“Tyler Russell May God bless you and yours this Christmas season for the love you demonstrated by caring for another.”

Ohio Going Blue is desperate to know more about the officer in the photo.


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