Learn These 23 Easy Tips And You’ll Never Pay For A Professional Manicure Ever Again

Manicures at home can be a real pain to master. The following tips and tricks will make you seem like a manicure professional. There are minimal tools required, and the techniques are easy to get down. So, if you are looking to save money and have great looking nails, look no further. These step-by-step diagrams will up your beauty game while providing proper nail care along the way.

1. To start, try to invest in these tools. They will help tremendously.
manicure tips 1

2. Pick your ideal nail shape. Make sure it matches both your personality and your lifestyle.
manicure tips 2

3. Remove all extra nail polish that may already be on your fingernails. Lemon juice, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol are great choices.
manicure tips 3

4. Here is a great way to make a nail polish removing station. Grab a container, place a sponge inside and pour nail polish remover inside.
manicure tips 4

5. Do you have stubborn nail gel? All you have to do is soak gauze in acetone. Then, wrap the gauze and tin-foil around each fingernail. Wait 5-7 minutes, and they should dissolve.
manicure tips 5

6. Use Vaseline around the edge of your nails, before applying nail polish. This will ensure easy clean up later.
manicure tips 6

7. Refer to this chart in order to properly apply nail polish.
manicure tips 7

8. Don’t want color? Here is how to make your nails look naturally fabulous.
manicure tips 8

9. Before getting started, know how to take proper care of your nails.
manicure tips 9

10. In three easy steps, you can get scalloped or cloud nails.
manicure tips 10

11. An ombre manicure isn’t too hard to assemble. All you need is a sponge.
manicure tips 11

12. The perfect matte finish is easy to make with cornstarch.
manicure tips 12

13. These two-toned nails are absolutely gorgeous. All you will need is tape and glossy nail polish.
manicure tips 13

14. Grab a thinner tape to make this cool pattern.
manicure tips 14

15. Tape is also a great tool to use for amazing french tips.
manicure tips 15

16. Reinforcement stickers can do the job just as well.
manicure tips 16

17. Mix white nail polish with your favorite color to create this fade look.
manicure tips 17

18. A small brush can make this fun, layered design.
manicure tips 18

19. Small shapes and letters can be made with fine-tipped sharpies.
manicure tips 19

20. Metallic sharpies work best over a black or white base.
manicure tips 20

21. Not comfortable drawing freehand? Use cut out stencils and fabrics like this.
manicure tips 21

22. Polka dots can be mastered using bobby pins.
manicure tips 22

23. This DIY cuticle oil only requires warm water, lotion and oil. It will leave your nails fresh and ready for another fun design.
manicure tips 23


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