Man Has Perfect Response To Cashier Giving Him A Hard Time At The Register…

We’ve been through cashiers like these. They make your stay at the counter unpleasant and seem longer than they are.

In this story, the customer figured out some cruel revenge. Would you do this?

I was in Walmart earlier; this thick, idiotic woman was at the check-out, face like a slapped ass and all the charisma of a half eaten waffle. I came to pay, I had only bought milk and bread but had no change.

“$6.03 please.”

“Sorry, this is all I’ve got,” as I handed her a $20 note.

“Haven’t you got anything smaller, ‘cost it will take all my change, and I don’t wanna count out $13.97?” she replied and pulled a stroppy face. “I’ve got nothing, if that helps,” I replied… she didn’t get it, so I thought f*&% it, I’ll pay by card.

“Shall I pay by card?” I asked.

“Don’t do me no favors,” she snapped.

I kept my cool and just put my PIN in.

“Cash back?” she asked sarcastically.

I couldn’t resist it… “Oh yes, $13.97 please.”


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