This Hotel Room Is Quite Out Of The Ordinary. When You See The Downstairs, Prepare To Be Mesmerized…

Welcome to the Manta Resort, located near the remote island of Pemba, off the coast of Tanzania. This resort boasts an experience unlike any other, with an underwater room that lets you sleep completely surrounded by the sea. The three-story resort floats in the water, over 800 feet from the shore, and is anchored to prevent it from drifting out to sea.

To stay here, you must first check in and register for your stay on dry land. Then, you travel by boat to this floating oasis. There is a private butler available on request and a shuttle service, so to speak, if you want to head back to land and enjoy some solid ground. The isolated, underwater environment is meant to create an incredibly peaceful experience, but it’s safe to say that this level of isolation is not for everyone. Enjoy an exclusive tour of this amazing place below.



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