Man Tricks Pregnant Girlfriend Into Posing For Photoshoot And Surprises Her By Popping The Question

Jazzy couldn’t wait to celebrate the arrival of baby number 2 with a maternity photo shoot alongside her partner Rich and their daughter Reign.

They decided to schedule the shoot when Jazzy was nine months pregnant and all but ready to pop.

It had been raining every day in Atlanta, but on the day of the shoot, the growing family lucked out. They finally got a bright and sunny afternoon. Jazzy got her makeup done by a team of professionals and picked out a beautiful, pink belly-baring outfit.

In the clip below, the trio walks deep into the woods until they reach the beautiful waterfall.

But little does Jazzy know, Rich has much bigger plans for the photo shoot… and the photographers were totally in on it, too.

And to think, Jazzy had been telling Rich he’d never be able to pull off a surprise like this…

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