When Something Happens To Her Daughter, Her Dog Kept Whining . What She Finds Is Remarkable

Living with diabetes is extremely difficult. You have to constantly be aware of your body and what you put into it. When the disease appears in children, it can become even harder to treat – not to mention heartbreaking to watch. Type 1 diabetes can affect a person with very few warning signs, and the symptoms are often hard to diagnose and maintain. After four-year-old Sadie was diagnosed, it took a very special hero to help save her life. 

The hero turned out to be literally “Hero,” the name of Sadie’s dog. Her is a service dog trained to warn when Sadie’s blood sugar gets too low. One day, while Sadie was at school, the dog began to act very frantically. Sadie’s mom said, “He’s normally a very quiet dog. Whining is not in his protocol. But he just started whining and he would not stop.” The dog’s behavior worried the mom as she tried to figure out what the dog was upset about. Finally, she called Sadie’s school and asked the nurse to check on her daughter’s blood sugar levels. Turns out, Sadie’s levels were critically low. Luckily, the nurse was able to help Sadie before anything serious happened. 

Sadie’s mom knows that the chances of her dog knowing Sadie’s blood sugar levels were low from five miles away are not likely, but Hero still saved her daughter nonetheless. Hero is one dog who absolutely lives up to his name. 


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