They Try To Save A Woman From A Flood, But Are Surprised By What Happens Instead…

Isn’t there some rule in most religious texts warning of the over attachment to material things? Wait a second, isn’t it common sense to abandon your possessions when your life is in danger?

Apparently that’s not the case for everyone, as this ridiculously stupid woman just couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving her car behind during a flood. She was being so irresponsible that a few people gathered to her car in an attempt to help and bring her to safety, but she refused to get out of her vehicle and insisted they help her in her own efforts.

It’s because of that insane stubbornness that three men attempting to help her out ended up getting swept away by the current, and her car was STILL stuck right where it was! Not only that, but only two of the three men managed to make it to safety, so as of yet no one is really sure what happened to the third. Seriously people, who gives a crap about things when a life is in danger? Multiple lives?



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