Couple Finds A Message In A Bottle, What It Says Will Break Your Heart

There’s nothing like going on an exotic vacation to break up the monotony of things. From destination cruises to thrill-seeking excursions, going somewhere tucked away on an island or in the middle of a jungle is the perfect way to add some thrills to your life.

But when this couple was on their adventure to see old Mayan ruins, they made a startling discovery. Atop one of the ruins, they found a bottle left there by a complete stranger. When they opened the bottle and saw the note inside, they realized that they were in store for something heartbreaking.

When two tourists reached the top of this Mayan ruin, they found something strange: a beautifully wrapped glass bottle with a note inside.

message in a bottle

They carefully uncorked the bottle and unfurled the note within and started reading. It only took a second before they started tearing up.

message in a bottle

Katy planned on climbing these ruins with her husband on their honeymoon, but he died a week before their wedding.

message in a bottle

So Katy powered through and took the trip for both of them. At the top of the ruin, she left this note for a stranger, reminding them of the healing powers of love and positive thinking. She signed the note “The almost Katy Kraus.”

message in a bottle

Katy turned her grief into a mission to spread what she learned about love and loss with the world, and we can’t think of anything more admirable.


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