She Hopes Her Tattoo Will Open Up A Conversation About Miscarriages

The loss felt from a woman who miscarries is definitely devastating. You can explain it, rationalize it, or use catchy phrases to help the person deal with it (“it wasn’t meant to be”).

But the reality is that it is a major loss that will never be fully moved on from. Often there is a desire to not even attempt to try and forget or brush off the experience when dealing with it, but instead to somehow memorialize the child. For Joan Bremer it would be a symbolic tattoo which would be her form of remembering.

It takes the form of a silhouette of the pregnant mother and the child inside her. The tattooed line connects the heart of mother and child, creating a very powerful, yet very simplistic in design, meaning. Women have fallen in love with this beautiful symbolic gesture at honoring the would-be-baby and admire those who receive the ink as a strong and positive way of dealing with the loss.

It seems this tattoo is taking off with mother’s who have experienced similar hardship. If indeed you see a woman with this tattoo, now you will know that she is one who has suffered, yet is choosing to symbolize that loss in a powerful manner, as the experience will always be with her.


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