Mom Has Same Beehive Hairdo For 37 Years And Looks Decades Younger After Age-Defying Makeover

Each and every Wednesday at 5:30 in the morning, Joan Irvine woke up to begin the four-hour process of styling her hair into a look that would hold up for the entire week ahead.

Joan was stuck in the 1950s for nearly 40 years. She never went without her signature beehive hairdo. She basically treated it like her baby.

To achieve the most perfect beehive possible, Joan used several brushes, four different kinds of rollers, layers of hairspray, and tons of hairpins — so many hairpins, in fact, that she once canceled a vacation for fear she’d set off the metal detectors at the airport!

Joan’s frustrated daughters, Cindy and Christine, begged the folks at The Oprah Show for some much-needed help. Though Joan was only 63 years old at the time, they felt everything about their mom’s look was so dated and only aged her… from her salt-and-pepper hair color to her wardrobe that consisted only of denim and khakis. Not even her makeup felt current.

In the video below, Joan finally undergoes an incredible transformation that brings her up-to-date and seriously makes her look decades younger.

Bye bye, beehive!

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