Mom Goes Into Labor For The Third Time And Delivers Triplets In Intimate Delivery Room Footage

Angie and her husband Gino were thrilled to learn they were pregnant for the third time. With two young boys already, the idea of having a girl was incredibly awesome.

But then the excited couple learned they weren’t just having one girl… they were having triplet girls! Needless to say, the news left them both completely stunned.

Unfortunately, being pregnant with multiples doesn’t come without its high risks. While Daniella is the fraternal triplet, Camilla and Anabella are identical and shared one placenta. Doctors warned the parents that one of these two was at risk of not growing properly.

The babies were also at risk of having underdeveloped lungs, and brain bleeds, among other terrifying conditions. As the weeks passed, doctors realized Baby B was getting too little liquid and Baby C was getting too much.

So, at just 27 weeks pregnant, Angie moved into the hospital so she could be constantly monitored by medical professionals. She had to cope with being away from her family for so long.

“Anything could happen between now and my due date,” Angie said from her hospital bed.

In the video below, at the 3:54 mark, Angie is taken into the delivery room. It’s finally time for these “three stars” to be born, as Gino refers to them. I guarantee you’ve never seen such a personal and raw glimpse into the birth of triplets in real-time. My heart was pounding.

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