‘Missed Connection’ Post Written By Mom Is Hilarious

Missed connections:

To The Mom In Target,

You were at Target last night about 7 pm in the crayon aisle. I was wearing my mom couture complete with dry shampoo hair, no makeup, yesterday’s T-shirt and yoga pants.

You were also wearing yoga pants with flip-flops and a messy bun. The venti Starbucks in your hand was a dead giveaway that even though you were wearing yoga pants, you had in fact not come from the gym. I know because I was doing the exact same thing.  #YogaPantsAreLife

I tried to glance at your cup to see the name of my future BMFF (best mom friend forever) but let’s be honest, at my age I’m on the verge of needing readers to see that far away.

In your cart, you had diapers, soda, wine, and chocolate. Again, confirming my suspicions that we, in fact, were meant to be best mom friends.

Our carts hit once as we rounded the corner from aimlessly pretending to be shopping for something in our favorite store when in reality we were both just having a moms night out. I mean we all know that’s where all moms go for a night out.

So, to the fellow mom in Target last night at 7 pm, if you see this and recognize this story and my Starbucks drink please know I’ll be back at Target again next week because let’s be honest, I live there.

Maybe I’ll see you again, same time, same aisle and this time we can wander around aimlessly in Target together for our moms night out”

mom missed connection post

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