Mother With Two Uteruses Goes In For Ultrasound And The Doctor Notices A Baby In Each

For two still-tiny babies, their story of survival some day in the future will likely awe even them. That’s because they won’t have any memories of the great fight they put up to make it out of the neo-natal ward alive.

But their mother Alison Camp will certainly remember the entire saga for the rest of her life. Along with her husband and one of the babies, the couple gave a press conference at the Woman and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo in New York State recently. The reason? Because Alison was able to give birth to the two boys not because she had twins, but because she has two uteruses, a condition so rare, doctors only see it in one to two percent of all mothers.

Camp’s doctor has been practicing medicine for 40 years, and had never even met a woman with “uterine didelphys,” as the condition is called. Although Alison knew it was conceptually possible to be impregnated in each uterus, she also knew she had had two normal, single-uterine births already, so assumed it wasn’t a likely issue.

But she did know it was possible, and had even seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where a woman gave birth this way.

Surely it couldn’t happen to her, though . . . could it?

The answer, apparently, was “yes.” While getting her first trimester ultrasound, her OBGYN discovered the unusual dual birth chambers were each carrying cargo. Her initial reaction, along with her husband’s, was not exactly pure bliss.

“At that point, we both started swearing,” Alison said laughing during the press conference.

The pregnancy was a high-risk one, and both babies had to be delivered prematurely, weighing barely a pound apiece. Through excellent neonatal care, the boys both survived, and have now gone home with their parents to meet their two siblings.


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