Talented Girls Take The Stage With A Stunning Ballet Routine And Emerge Victorious

The girls of the MorningStar Dance Academy, in Atlanta, take the stage during the “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow” gala ready to impress both the judges. Their graceful dance moves and intricate fan display leave the entire audience in awe, and each online viewer absolutely amazed!

MorningStar Dance Academy1

The dance was originally choreographed by Tingting Liu from Liaoning Ballet of China, and the moves tell a tale of beauty and serenity within nature. The girls align their fans to form a flower, then complete a series of captivating ballet moves right after – combining the two styles of dancing produced something so incredibly beautiful, words can hardly do it justice!

MorningStar Dance Academy2

It’s only fitting that the MorningStar Dance crew took home the first place prize in their region, and placed in the top 12 nationwide. By looking at this performance alone, anyone can see that this group is going to make it far in the dance industry!


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