Her Response Is Priceless After He Humiliates His Ex-Wife For Not Being Able To Help With Daughter’s Wedding

I’ve given this post a lot of thought. I’ve considered my mother, who raised my sister and me on her own after our dad left us when I was six. It saddens me that I recently found out he had the audacity to tell her she had failed as a mother when she couldn’t financially help me in my recent wedding while he was barely a guest at my wedding & in my life. Since I made the mistake of inviting him. . . I believe that women are the most amazing creature God made. I am yet to understand why some men enjoy finding faults upon faults in them.

Okay, let’s look at them this way and tell me if I’m lying. . .

1. Women are the only creature that can change their original surname just for the sake of love.

2. They are the easiest creature to convince.

3. They are the only creature that loves from the bottom of their hearts.

4. They are the only creature that would prefer to go to bed with an empty stomach, just to make sure that her children are well fed.

5. They are the only creature on Earth that cries so easily, just to expose their inward disposition.

6. They are always awake even at the dead of the night just to make sure that their children are protected.

7. They’d do anything for the happiness of their children.

8. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives just to save the lives of their children.

9. They are always in the kitchen inhaling the smoke without complaining, just to prepare something for their children and husband to eat.

10. Even when they are battling with the pains of pregnancy, yet, they are busy looking after their children.


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