15 Sentences That Will Convince You To Change Your Life

1. Your culture has vastly restricted your sense of what is possible.

motivation to change life


2. If you are truly determined to make something happen, and if you are persistent, you can do virtually anything you imagine.

motivation to change life

3. “Success” is a relative term that you can define however you like.

4. There is much more to life than an endless cycle of working, spending, working, spending.

5. When you begin to think of life as a marvelous adventure, it becomes one.

6. The human spirit yearns for new sights, scents, tastes, sounds, people, environments, and sensations.

motivation to change life

7. Perhaps it is true that what you need is to move beyond physical boundaries, to experience new external landscapes; however, perhaps on a deeper level, you yearn to experience new internal landscapes.

8. The same basic urge underlies the impulse to travel externally or internally: the urge to move beyond the familiar, to experiment in order to see for yourself what you are, what life is, what it can be.

9. Inner nobility consists in seeking to fulfill our inborn human potential; to develop our innate capacities and talents; to use whatever abilities we have to help the world.

10. Your greatest enemy is your endless list of rules and expectations for how life is supposed to be lived.

motivation to change life

11. Nature doesn’t care about human rules and expectations.

12. Learn what is possible by finding out for yourself; expand, experiment, become.

13. Someday soon you will die. You will become a lifeless, deteriorating heap of flesh and bones.

14. You already exist in a realm of infinite possibility.

15. Start living like it.


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