5 Movie-Inspired Properties You Absolutely Have To Visit

Movie fans are among the most dedicated and loyal fans in the world!  They would do just about anything to live the way their favorite movie characters does.

If you’re an average movie fans, you probably just watch a movie and then delete it after watching. But for loyal and die-hard movie fans they go way beyond watching movies. They may resort to expensive hobbies like cosplaying, visiting shooting locations and all sorts of things to express their love for their favorite movies and movie characters. You may be surprised to see some them go way overboard by investing in properties. Investing in properties is expensive, but what is even more expensive is they invest in movie-inspired houses and vacation rentals.

If you are a movie fan, you’ll love this list of buildings, houses and vacation rentals inspired by different movies!  

#1 This Hobbit-inspired vacation rentals will take closer to Middle Earth. These vacation rentals are designed after the cottages of the Shire.
movie-inspired properties 1

#2 Are you a Harry Potter fan? This is a perfect stay for you to stay.
movie-inspired properties 2

#3 For Hunger Games fan out there, take a glimpse of this vacation rentals that would take you from various districts in Panem to the Capitol.
movie-inspired properties 3

#4 “May the force be with you.” With these Star Wars-inspired houses the force will most likely be with you.
movie-inspired properties 4

#5 For kids and kids at heart, you will surely love these Frozen-inspired home and hotel.
movie-inspired properties 5


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