13 Movie Theatre Tips To Make Your Next Trip The Best

There is no movie viewing experience quite like seeing a film in an actual theater. The smell of the popcorn, along with the huge screen and impressive sound system, excite the senses in a way that watching Netflix at home doesn’t quite match up to. However, seeing a film at the theater is not without its trade-offs. Aside from the extra cost and travel, there are a few other annoyances that are commonly experienced. These problems can be mitigated, however, with a few simple tricks.

1. Evenly butter your popcorn by using a straw to reach the middle of the bag.
movie theatre tricks 1

2. RunPee is a great app for knowing when it is a good time to run to the washroom during a movie.
movie theatre tricks 2

3. If you are planning on going in a group, buy bulk tickets in advance. It will save a bit of money.
movie theatre tricks 3

4. If you see a lot of movies each month, consider using a service like MoviePass to save on tickets. For $30 a month, you can see an unlimited amount of films at participating theaters.
movie theatre tricks 4

5. If you dislike trailers, try going to your movie about 12 minutes after the start time.
movie theatre tricks 5

6. If your theater has one, join its loyalty program for discounts and rewards.
movie theatre tricks 6

7. You can experience the best sound quality at the very back of the theater.
movie theatre tricks 7

8. The Cinemark app has a CineMode setting. Using it can help you earn rewards for being courteous to others wanting to enjoy the movie.
movie theatre tricks 8

9. Some theaters have special screenings for families that have children with autism or other special needs.
movie theatre tricks 9

10. AAA and AARP members are occasionally privy to special discounts.
movie theatre tricks 10

11. You can buy discount gift cards online at swap sites like Cardpool and Raise.
movie theatre tricks 11

12. Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial will sometimes have movie ticket specials or discounts on snacks.
movie theatre tricks 12


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