19 Touching Movies That Have Magnificent Endings

movies with brilliant endings 11
Vittoria moves through life between different circumstances: a man, a friend, another man, a neighbor; goings, comings, meetings, stories. All of this is reminiscent of clouds floating in the sky — one moment they are here, and a moment later they can disappear. Nothing is special, nothing is emphasized. Life goes on. Then a theatrical dance: water in a tub, slivers on dry ground, the eclipse.

movies with brilliant endings 12
What do you do when everyone is against you? When the police aren’t going to look for your husband’s murderer? You take everything into your own hands. It doesn’t matter if you end up in jail yourself; it doesn’t even matter that your jailer will become the dearest person in the world for you. The main thing is to do what no one expects from you.

Landscape in the Mist
Topio stin omichli
movies with brilliant endings 13
This movie is about the journey of two children looking for their father, who probably lives in Germany. On their way they meet a lot of people and get into different situations. The obsession with their father’s personality will keep them on the border between childhood and adolescence.

2001: A Space Odyssey
movies with brilliant endings 14
Who are we? What is our place in the universe? The movie characters face these questions. The crew of the spacecraft Discovery One — Captains David Bowman, Frank Poole, and the ship’s computer HAL 9000 — have to explore a distant part of the Solar System and understand why aliens are watching the Earth. Along the way they will face a lot of unexpected discoveries.

3:10 to Yuma
movies with brilliant endings 15
After a well-known outlaw Ben Wade is arrested, his gang continues terrorizing local residents. A Civil War veteran and the owner of a small ranch, Dan Evans, agrees to take Wade secretly to the nearest town with the railway station, where he can be taken by train to Yuma. As soon as they get to the hotel, it becomes clear that the secret has been revealed, and the chase for both of them begins.

The 400 Blows
Les quatre cents coups
movies with brilliant endings 16
Twelve-year-old Antoine Doinel is a troubled teenager. His mother is too busy with her personal life, and she has neither time nor desire to understand her son’s problems. His stepfather has no influence on either his wife or his son. Teachers only punish the boy. Antoine and his friend seldom attend school, and then they run away from home.

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Literary critic George receives a box in the mail. He opens it and finds some videotapes, where the fragments of his and his family’s life are recorded. As he watches them, these pictures suggest to George that the strange parcel’s sender knows him rather well. He begins to worry. Who is the mysterious sender of the box, and what goal is he pursuing?

There Will Be Blood
movies with brilliant endings 18
This is an epic film about the birth of the American oil industry. At the end of the XIX century, prospector Daniel Plainview searches alone for gold and silver in California. Once, a man named Paul Sunday comes to him and promises to show him a place where oil literally shoots up from the ground. For a reward, of course.

movies with brilliant endings 19
This is a comedy-drama by Emir Kusturica about a ’closed society.’ During the days of World War II in Belgrade, the underground anti-fascists organized a factory producing weapons. The war is long over, but they continue their production. And all these years, life up here goes on, as well as the underground life. But they’re two very different things.


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