Alternative Uses For Nail Polish That Will Improve Your Daily Habits

Nail polish can be used for colorful and creative designs on your nails, but did you know that there are many other uses for it?   

1. Seal envelopes with nail polish instead of licking them.

Nail polish uses1

2. Use lacquer to turn stones into lovely customized paperweights.

Nail polish uses2

3. Keep costume jewelry from causing discoloration on your skin by applying clear nail polish.

Nail polish uses3

4. You can also paint over the stones of old jewelry to give it a new hue.

Nail polish uses4

5. Apply a thin layer of nail polish to warts and reapply it as many times as you need to get rid of them.

Nail polish uses5

6. Paint buttons on your remote with glow-in-the-dark nail polish to make them easier to see.

Nail polish uses6

7. Dab the frayed end of a needle with nail polish to easily thread it. It’ll both dry stiff and go through without a fight if you roll it between your fingers.

Nail polish uses7

8. Coat the exposed thread of a loose button with clear nail polish to secure it. This works for screws, too.

Nail polish uses8

9. Apply clear nail polish to the problem area of a stocking to stop a run from getting worse.

Nail polish uses9

10. Stop your clothes from fraying any further by applying a little bit of clear nail polish.

Nail polish uses10

11. If your car has a minor scratch, you can cover it up with nail polish of a similar color.

Nail polish uses11

12. Put a light coat of nail polish over a windshield crack to prevent the crack from spreading further.

Nail polish uses12

13. To prevent water damage to your matches before a camping trip, coat the tips with clear nail polish. This will protect them without sacrificing their ability to start fires.

Nail polish uses13

14. If you always struggle to get the temperature in the shower just right, try marking your ideal spot on the handle with nail polish.

Nail polish uses14

15. Use nail polish to turn a plain, dull mug into a work of art!

Nail polish uses15

16.You can do the same thing with a marbled coaster.

Nail polish uses16

17. Color code your keys with nail polish to avoid confusion.

Nail polish uses17

18. Use whatever colors of nail polish you like to customize bobby pins.

Nail polish uses18

19. Nail polish can not only be used to paint the bottoms of your shoes, but it can also be used to hide scuffs.

Nail polish uses19


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