He Retaliated When A Neighbor Tossed Trash In His Truck

One day I get to work and look in the bed of my truck to see a bag of trash. First thing I think is my girlfriend was too lazy to walk it to the dumpster of our apartment, no big deal I’ll toss it away. As I’m walking to the dumpster at work, it hits me that this is a black trash bag and we have white trash bags.

Little backstory, we live in a rather nice apartment complex, and there are pretty strict rules governing the outside of your building. One rule, in particular, is that no trash is allowed in the hallway, we learned this the hard way our first week in the new place. It is a $25.00 fine when submitted with a picture of the bag at your door. Turns out my neighbors had called and complained about the bag after about an hour, and we opened the door to find the fine.

Okay back to the bag, I realize this isn’t our bag, so I open it and right there on top is an envelope with our neighbor’s address, the same neighbor that complained about our trash and got us fined. “Ryan.” Jokes on you buddy. So I’m on nightshift and finish my shift and stay a little extra late in the morning until about 7:30-8 am. When I got to the house, I set the trash in front of his door and wrote on the envelope “Ryan, you may have forgotten this in my truck” and called the main office to complain about the trash.

I go to sleep and wake up around 3 pm and head out to take my dog for a walk. On their door are a picture of the trash and the note which you can still clearly read and a notice of $25.00 fine.

Man, that put a little smile on my face, and no one leaves trash in my truck anymore.

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