When Her Neighbors Were Stealing The Laundry Soap, She Cleverly Figured Out How To Make Them Stop

I used to live on the 3rd floor of an apartment that had its laundry in the basement. Which means four flights of stairs for me, no elevator, and I have a newborn, so I’m washing quite a bit. So we have cubbies in the laundry room for our soap and stuff. I’ve lived there a year and never had an issue leaving my soap down there.

Apparently, some new people had moved in that were using my soap. When I realized it, I left a note asking that they stop. Nothing. They kept using. Okay. Now I’m pissed.
I got two bottles of soap. A blue colored one. And clear colored one. Marked the bottles CLEARLY that they belonged to me (so they couldn’t accidentally say they thought they were theirs) filled the blue soap with blue Rit dye. Filled the clear soap with unscented bleach. And waited….

Didn’t take long. The next morning I hear screaming coming from the laundry room. Four floors up I heard it. I waited a while and ventured downstairs. In the laundry room, I found a bunch of wet clothes in the garbage that was bleach stained. Four days later I saw a young man get into a car with a blue stained t-shirt.

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