Adorable Conjoined Twin Tortoises Are Safely Separated

Garden State Tortoises is an organization which breeds turtle and tortoises from all over the world. Chris Leone, a staff member there, made a rather incredible discovery recently when he picked up a Western Hermann tortoise egg that he and his wife noticed was struggling to hatch. When he looked closer, he realized he was dealing with twins, which is extremely rare. Additionally, the twins were conjoined at the yolk sac, which had to be removed very delicately to ensure the safety and well-being of both twins.

In case you were curious as to what makes a tortoise distinct from a turtle, tortoises live mostly on land while turtles live primarily in the water. Visually, turtles have lighter, more streamlined shells than tortoises, whose shells are usually more dome-like and usually fairly heavy. Turtles also have webbed feet that are better for swimming.


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