Rude Husband Reprimands Wife For Giving Birth Inside His Brand New Truck

When Dr. Brian Snyder, an emergency surgeon, walked outside the hospital doors he found a woman going into labor inside of a truck. He knew there wasn’t enough time to get her into the hospital and would have to deliver the baby right there.

normal birth delivery

Andrea’s baby just couldn’t wait to be born and Dr. Snyder prepared for a delivery right in the front seat of a truck. The situation became critical when the umbilical cord became wrapped around the baby’s neck. The doctor delicately untangled the cord, while everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Dr. Snyder asked Andrea’s husband if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord, and handed him a pair of surgical scissors.

normal birth delivery

When Andrea’s husband saw the condition of his new truck, he was angry and demanded to know why she couldn’t have waited another 15 minutes. That comment was the last straw for a very emotional new mother. What she did next was absolutely hilarious! Watch the video below to see how this new mother┬ádealt with this rude dad.


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