Norwegian Navy Tests Long Range Missile That Ends Up Blowing Up Their Own Ship

Every time you get or make something new, what’s the first instinct you have? You want to check it out and see what it can do, right? That’s a pretty standard reaction across the board, and it’s one that has allowed us to advance our technological level to the point we’re at now. But at what cost?

The Norwegians needed to test a new long-range missile but were running out of targets apparently, so they decided to use one of their own ships instead. That’s sarcasm by the way, but they really did blow up their own ship in a new missile test. The video you’re about to watch shows the final moments of the KNM Trondheim, a ship that managed to end it’s service with a bang – a very big bang. It was hit with an 880lb Naval Strike Missile, so the explosion is worthy of even the greatest of Michael Bay films!



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