Doctors Show Compelling Evidence That Wearing A Bra Might Actually Be Harming You

Most pre-teen girls can’t wait till they can fill out a bra. After all, wearing one is a rite of passage of sorts. More than that, we’re all told that without one, you will droop. And no one wants to droop.

Now some “scientists” are debunking the theory that boosting your bust is good for keeping it aloft. In fact, they claim, the opposite is true: that NOT wearing a bra will keep your bust area perkier than wearing one will do.

How does that work, you ask? Well, these experts claim that your pectoral muscles – the ones that hold your breasts up anyway – will work harder. If you wear a bra daily, those same muscles feel like they don’t have to do anything, they claim.

Then there’s the issue of circulation. Scientists say that for a bra to give you the social standard of hoist, you will end up with your blood supply cut off. Without one, your circulation flows more freely and that boosts oxygen levels in your blood, which is better for all of you.

Now here’s one you might not have suspected: these experts say that you will actually get more rest if you never don a bra. Why? Circadian rhythms are interrupted when you wear a bra. However, this assumes you generally wear a bra to bed, and unless you’re Doris Day in “That Touch of Mink,” we don’t know anyone who does that.

Not convinced yet? How about letting loose gives you a fresher complexion? Or that you will have better shaped breasts without any help from a manufacturer? Or…wait for it…that you will actually have larger, fuller breasts without a bra?

Having seen a few aging hippies in our day, we can’t verify any of this. In fact, it seems rather the opposite based on our own very unscientific observation.

One thing we can’t argue with? Bras – especially nice ones – are pricey. On the other hand, not having a job because you look a bit, um, quirky without any support will cost you more than wearing a bra.

So, go free if you want to, but promise us you won’t drop the deodorant when you do. That’s just not good for anybody.


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