Pregnant Mom Feels Burning ‘Down There’ When OB-GYN Uses Hand Sanitizer By Mistake On Ultrasound

Rachel and Chris McQueen were so excited to welcome their sixth baby into the world. The couple from Kentucky recently headed to Rachel’s prenatal doctor’s appointment for their latest ultrasound.

Little did they know their experience would go viral and make millions of people around the world giggle right along with them. It’s a good thing the couple has an awesome sense of humor because this one’s a doozy.

Following Rachel’s normal and healthy ultrasound, the doctor said she needed a routine pelvic exam. Chris decided to stay in the room to be by his wife’s side.

Everything was going according to plan when Rachel — laid out on the table with her feet in the stirrups — began screaming out in discomfort. She felt something burning hot and knew it wasn’t normal.

Rachel and Chris were about to learn the OB-GYN accidentally switched out the bottle of lubricating gel for… something else. Something you’re really not supposed to use in this scenario.

After the ultrasound, Rachel and Chris got back in their car, turned on the camera, and recounted what had just happened in the doctor’s office.

“The worst thing in OB history just happened to me,” she begins.

Watch the video below to hear the story from their own perspective. Rachel ends up laughing so hard that she cries, and Chris says he’s laughing so hard he might have to pull the car over.

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