Giant Offroad Logger Isn’t Something You’d Want To Be Behind On The Highway

Living off the land sometimes means terraforming a small portion of it to make it viable for what you need to do, and sometimes that means chopping down a tree or two, maybe they’re just rotten and need to be removed for safety.

Then there’s times when it means chopping down a whole lot of trees in order to pave the way for something like a farm, or gardening area. Finally, the times when masses of trees need to be cleared for further human expansion, and that’s when the big-time loggers come in!

This massive semi is hauling thousands upon thousands of kilos in log weight through the Kaingaroa Forest in North Island, New Zealand like its payload is nothing but a bunch of long twigs. Something like this would requires careful maneuvering –and who said lumberjacks can only chop the trees down? You’d be surprised at how much their jobs actually entail, and how difficult a lot of it really is.


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