Woman Is Rescued By Officer After She Runs Out Of Gas On Highway

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Deputy Mark Cornett of the Hardin County Sheriffs Office. My friend and I were driving our rental van on I65 through Kentucky when the gas light came on. Unfortunately, we missed an exit and ran out of gas on the side of the highway. What was worse? Neither of our cell phones had signals to call out! So there we were 19 hours into our transport, sitting beside the interstate trying to find help. Then, this man pulls up! Never been so happy to see blue lights. After a few questions, he found out what was going on and got on the radio to find assistance for us. When we came back, he let us know that roadside assistance nearest to us was $85 – but then offered us another option – a ride to the nearest exit to a gas station. I asked what he would suggest – he laughed and said the cheapest.

Now, this deputy didn’t have to do this. Giving a very embarrassed chick a lift to a gas station isn’t part of his job title. Neither was figuring out how to work the gas can and pouring the gas for me – but he did that too! These days, all we hear about law enforcement is bad. We never get to hear that stories of the men and women going above and beyond to help people. Now many of you think to take me to a gas station was probably a little thing – but when you are stranded on the side of the interstate after driving 19 hours, it becomes a very big thing. Deputy Cornett said something that stuck me on our way to get gas. He said that he would give his life to protect someone. Just think about that. Let it sink in. Would you give your life for someone you didn’t know?

Sure, we “expect” this from every officer that wears the badge…. but do you ever think about it? It seems like we hear way more stories of the criminal getting killed than the officers who gave their lives to protect. Not really fair that we hear so much bad but hardly ever any good….Well, I can tell you one thing, Deputy Cornett was my hero yesterday. He will join the list of friend and family that I pray for their safety daily as they put their badges and go out into a world that now hates them. We all need to do better when it comes to law enforcement. We need to stop the madness that is now normal. Deputy Cornett obliged when I asked for a photo. I told him I was going to make him “Facebook Famous” and he said he wished he had washed his car. So, if any of you are near Hardin County, KY, make sure to tell him thanks from the girl in Alabama that made his car smell like a dog!

officer act of kindness


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