Veteran Was Stunned When This Officer Did This For Him

“Today we had to make a stop at the Rite Aid around the corner from home. When I got out of my car, I noticed a police car parked at the corner with the lights flashing, and the officer standing on the corner talking to the homeless man. With all the negative light that the police have been painted in by social media, I pulled out my phone and started recording. As I watched the officer put on gloves to search the man I started spouting off at the mouth in my video in a social media-induced rant about how he should be out catching real criminals instead of harassing the bums. At this point, he turns and looks at me recording him, and I think uh oh I better stop because I’ve seen people’s phones get taken. So I stopped and went inside. Then he placed the homeless man in the back of the car. I was inside talking to the clerk and asked her why the officer didn’t just send the man across the road to the other corner because (I thought) it was the City/Township border, and the man could legally chill on the other side of the road.

Just then the officer came up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder and said because the man is a Veteran. We then stepped outside and had a lengthy conversation about the situation. After hearing Officer Lewis talk with passion about how he takes homeless Vets to the hospital so they can be evaluated and proceeds to try to find these men’s discharge documents so they can actually have the documents they need to be treated at a V.A. hospital and help get them off the streets. I am proud to call Him a friend and a True protector of what all real Americans should all hold value for..the man who paid for your freedom by signing away¬†his. If you can help a homeless Veteran do it!

Anyways the lesson here is communication, if Officer Lewis wouldn’t have come and talked to me, I would have just been another dumbass caught up by and contributing to the social media brainwashing. Thanks for all you do Officer Lewis, you are a TRUE American Hero!”

officer helping homeless veterans


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