Officer Assists Family After Finding Them Sleeping In Their Car

Police do a whole lot of good deeds each and every day, that largely go unnoticed.

Instead, the negative aspects of the few bad apples come to light and dominate the news. Here we have a story of one of those good deeds. He returned from Alaska with his two boys and pregnant wife. Robert Wood had not yet found housing for his family, so they crashed in their vehicle at a nearby park in order to save up money. On this night, it was very cold outside. The park had closed, and Eugene Police Lt. David Natt approached the vehicle and tapped on the car window. Inside the vehicle he could see Robert’s four-year-old son sleeping and staying warm on the father’s chest. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife Heather was nuzzling their other son. It was quite an image for the officer to take in.

Rather than issue a citation or reprimand the family for staying after hours in the park, Lt. Natt didn’t hesitate to instead, do something else. His action would change the Wood family forever.


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