She Was Stranded When This Kind Officer Helped Her And Her Children

Yesterday on our way home, we broke down 2 hours away from home… on a busy interstate with three kids in tow. It wasn’t exactly ideal, especially with a hungry newborn. I wouldn’t get the baby out of his seat to feed him in case we got smacked by another vehicle on the highway; he was the safest in his seat.

We called dispatch and AAA, and an Alabama State Trooper showed up to help. I thought he was just going to divert traffic away from our lane, but he did so much more than that. He loaded the kids and I in his car and got us off the highway and to the closest rest stop. Sean stayed with the car to wait for the tow truck.

He checked the bathroom for ‘boogiemans’ so Madeline could use the restroom. He shot illuminating helicopters in the sky with the kids while I made calls to try to get home. Major got really fussy when I was trying to wrangle my other children and calm them down from the evening’s happenings. Without hesitation, he took Major out of his seat and gave him the bottle I had prepared from earlier. It seemed like he does that every day, knew how to hold him and when to burp him. Major even filled his pants during his feeding, and the trooper laughed and continued feeding him.

He then helped unload all of our stuff from our car to his and drove our family to the nearest hotel. It was late, nothing was open, and we couldn’t get a rental car until the morning. He helped unload our unruly amount of crap into our hotel room, told us where all the rental car places were, gave the girls a hug, and told us to call if we needed anything.

That my friends… is humanity.”

officer kindness

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