Officers Search Mother’s Home After Break-In, Notice A Problem Under Christmas Tree…

When Maria Cardona and her kids arrived at their home in Dallas, and while making her way to her front door, something made her heart stop. She noticed her front window was open!

“I was scared. I was terrified. I was about to cry,” Maria says in the video below. She immediately called the cops.

The Dallas officers arrived, did a thorough search of the house, no one inside the home, and it didn’t appear that anything was missing.

That was until Maria looked at the Christmas tree. Every single gift she had carefully wrapped and placed under the tree was gone! She gave the two officers a description of the children’s toys that were stolen.

One night later, she heard a knock at the door. There at the door were the two officers from the night before.  They had armfuls of toys for her children, including several Frozen-themed toys for little Alaina.

Maria was so overwhelmed with emotion that she didn’t even get the officers’ names!

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