OJ Simpson Kicked Out Of Cosmopolitan Hotel In Las Vegas For Being Drunk And Disorderly

When O. J. Simpson visited a popular bar at a Las Vegas hotel, he was booted after a scuffle at according to a report.

TMZ reported O.J. Simpson got kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel for good after allegedly getting drunk and becoming unruly.

The staff at the hotel said Simpson, who has been hitting up bars since his release from prison last month after serving nine years, broke glasses at the Clique bar inside the luxury hotel and casino beginning around midnight.

Simpson, 70, was angry with the staff, prompting security guards to respond and remove him from the hotel. Simpson was cordial to security, but he is permanently banned from the hotel.

In an audio recording, a police dispatcher referred to Simpson by name, saying “Orenthal is here.” The dispatcher thought Simpson was at a pizza shop inside the hotel, according to the tape.

“He’s actually sitting inside the bar, he was asking about the pizza shop,” the dispatcher said.

A witness, meanwhile, spotted Simpson inside the hotel shortly after midnight.

Simpson who was released from prison shortly after midnight Oct. 1, had served nine years of a 33-year sentence for robbing sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2007. He will remain under supervised parole for five years.

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