Remodel Your Old Furniture With These 19 DIY Projects

Here are some inspirational ideas to magically transform old furniture.

New life for an old table

old furniture transformation 1You need a little fantasy, a piece of colorful fabric, glue, and patience to decorate an old table and make it look incredibly delicate. Here are the instructions.

Renewed flower stand

old furniture transformation 2Using velvet, fringe, some beads, your imagination, and patience will give you a very elegant piece of decor. Click on this article to learn how to create this beautiful piece.

Mirrored dresser

old furniture transformation 3This is an amazing idea for a transformation. Here you can find the instructions on how to turn your old cracked dresser into a very stylish piece of furniture. Such a dresser will definitely adorn your home’s interior.

Making a bedside table out of an old shelf

old furniture transformation 4An unused shelf, brushes, paint, and attention to detail will help you to create a nice piece. This is how you can do it.

Bringing an old wardrobe back to life

old furniture transformation 5This is an example of another wonderful transformation. Here are instructions on how you can refurbish your old wardrobe. Painting dramatically changes the appearance of the wardrobe, making it look ‘younger’ and nicer!

Making unique furniture out of wooden pallets

old furniture transformation 6Here you can find some ideas for making beautiful and original furniture out of wooden pallets. It’s practical, economical, and it looks cool too!

Elegant chairs

old furniture transformation 7This is how you can create very stylish chairs using your ugly old ones. All you need is creativity and a little investment. You can be sure that your guests will be delighted with your home decor.

A bed made out of…‘nothing’

old furniture transformation 8This is a cute bed that is easy and cheap to make. But such a thing will totally add beauty and coziness to your house. Check the details to find out how to make a bed out of wooden pallets.

Beautiful chord

old furniture transformation 9It’s a transformation of an old acoustic guitar into an original shelf for storing different bits and pieces. It looks very interesting! This is the instruction.

Mood box

old furniture transformation 10You can easily repurpose an old suitcase to make an original trunk for storing different little things and secret stuff. To get inspiration, click here.