Remodel Your Old Furniture With These 19 DIY Projects

Decorating using mosaic tiles

old furniture transformation 11Any piece of furniture can look even nicer with mosaic tiles as a decoration. You just need to pick the right colors and patterns, and with some glue or liquid nails you’ll be able to create such a beauty! Check out the details.

Saving a bedside table

old furniture transformation 12A bedside table from the ’60s was successfully saved! Now it’s a pure delight for the eyes. How to refurbish it, paint, and decoupage it can be found here.

Extravagant box

old furniture transformation 13Only patience, diligence, and complete freedom of imagination are needed. This article describes how this stylish and bright box was created.

King-style plastic outdoor chair

old furniture transformation 14It’s absolutely brilliant! A cover for a white lawn chair is a genius solution. It’ll make the chair look nicer and cooler. Check the instructions.

Bright kitchen

old furniture transformation 15Regular wallpaper will magically transform an old kitchen. Now it looks modern and expensive. Here you can get the ideas.

Decorated dresser

old furniture transformation 16Changing color is a great way to renew your furniture. After the transformation, the dresser looks elegant and delicate. Read this article for more details.

Making a vintage coffee table out of an old suitcase

old furniture transformation 17Grandma’s old suitcase can get a new shape, new coloring, and new life. Here you can see how a suitcase turned into a lovely coffee table.

New life for a writing desk

old furniture transformation 18An old writing desk plus some effort plus creativity and here you go! You get a beautiful new piece of decor. Check this article to learn how a writing desk can get a new life.

Turning an old suitcase into a small display cabinet

old furniture transformation 19This is a small display cabinet with hangers for wine glasses that was made out of an old suitcase. It’s quite an interesting item for your interior. Click here for instructions.


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