Repurpose Your Old Knife Block With These Simple Tips

It’s certainly easiest to go to the store and just buy what you need. It’s not always practical, however, because of money, not being able to find just the right thing, or a number of other reasons. That’s where upcycling comes in! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how important recycling is for the environment, but upcycling is just as good. After all, as the old saying goes, “reduce, reuse, recycle;” if you can find another use for something, you should definitely take it. There are countless items that can be found around the house and reimagined as something else entirely.

Knife blocks, for instance, can be surprisingly versatile.
old knife block into new life 1
While their intended purpose is to keep knives sheathed and organized within arm’s reach, they can actually be transformed and given new life with just a little time and creativity. Either use an old one you have packed away or take your pick from the thrift store shelves.

Need a tabletop organizer for all your kids’ craft supplies?
old knife block into new life 2
Crayons and paintbrushes alike find a home in this craftily repurposed knife block.

Thrift Diving’s Serena Appiah “was walking past this section of knife blocks and inspiration hit.”
old knife block into new life 3
She bought one, took it home, and first painted it bright blue. Using a drill with a 3/4-inch bit, she bore out the slots until they were just the right size for crayons. She screwed on some brackets for holding paint brushes, added a little washi tape for decoration, and voilĂ !

If you don’t have the need for that particular organizer, how about one for thread?
old knife block into new life 4
Those who love to sew will find ample use for a thread organizer made from a knife block and few dowels. For complete instructions, head over to Jenny’s tutorial at Refresh Living.

Perhaps you desperately need to corral office supplies? A knife block can help with that, too.
old knife block into new life 5
Jami has all the right steps for transforming an old block into a supply caddy at Such is This. Scissors, Post-Its, paper clips, and more all find a home with this clever DIY.

Last but not least is a way to keep your block for its purpose, but with a little extra oomph.
old knife block into new life 6
Remove all the knives and add a bright coat of paint and any other details you can think of. Scrabble tiles or even stenciling can add a nice bit of personalization.


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