When A Rude Man Honks At Elderly Woman Cross The Street, Her Revenge Is Brilliant

When a few pedestrians happened to look to the road to watch this scene unfold, they stopped in their tracks. In a moment they found themselves bursting into laughter. Watch as one elderly lady steps up to the roadside, only to be greeted by an impatient businessman speeding up the crosswalk in his nice car. He didn’t know that this is one grandma you don’t want to mess with.

old lady revenge

It looks like, over the years, this woman has learned how to handle these kinds of people – the people who blare their car horns at you just for crossing the street. He revs the car engine while grandma is not in the mood to play his games. Watch her make small steps over the crosswalk and nonchalantly make the most hilarious response you’ve ever seen.

old lady revenge

It’s all in a day’s work! From grandma’s example, there is a simple rule to follow: You can’t please everyone. Sometimes you’ve just got to do your thing no matter who’s trying to stop you. This video just happens to be a truly comical example of that, and it will put a smile on your face because of it! The best part is after she shows the man who’s the boss, she goes about her business like nothing even happened.

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