Old Lockbox That Was Discovered In Mud Uncovers WWII Soldier’s Belongings

World War II ended in September of 1945, ending several years of combat, loss and destruction to an end. But even 70 years later, people are still uncovering remnants of this terrible time in history.

A discovery was recently made in the rural Nevsky Pyatachok region of Russia that sheds new light on the war. During an archaeological dig, historians found a lock box trapped in mud. When they opened it, they realized that what hid inside should have probably remained lost.

The box was covered in mud and was very heavy.

Old Lock box1

Inside was a map of someone’s life…from 70 years ago.

Old Lock box2

They discovered a German Reichsmark, as well as a card identifying a member of the Nazi party.

Old Lock box3

It seemed like the box had been packed in a hurry.

Old Lock box4

These cigars look like they could be brand new.

Old Lock box5

Whoever left this box really liked his cigars.

Old Lock box6

And booze. Check out this Jamaican rum!

Old Lock box7

Here is the German soldier’s cap. It’s safe to say he’s no longer with us.

Old Lock box8


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