Heartwarming Reason Why An Old Man Visits The Barber Every Week

He works at Chopper City Barbershop which is in Memphis, Tennessee.

While Marlo Matthews has a lot of loyal customers that he has gotten to know throughout the years, there is that one customer that brings forth a truly moving story. Marlo tells this story in hopes that it inspires and encourages good will to everyone, and hopefully opens all our eyes in realizing the greater good in life. Check out what this amazing man does every week:

old man visits barber 1

“The man in the chair is Mr. Earl….Mr. Earl lives in the assisted living home next door to the shop, he has a memory disease that if you tell him something today he forgets, so if you tell him again tomorrow it’s like new information to him….his brother used to come to the shop and pay me every week to cut his hair.

Then later Mr. Earl would come and ask me did his brother pay me so he can get a cut, I would always say yes sir your debt is already paid….Mr. Earl’s brother died 5 years ago and he doesn’t remember, he still comes every week and always asks me is his debt paid….I ALWAYS STILL SAY YES SIR, YOUR DEBT IS PAID and cut his hair….I know Mr. Earl’s brother is in heaven looking down watching out for us. THAT’S PAYMENT ENOUGH…some things are better than money….AMEN”

Wow! Makes you shed a tear, right? Thank God there are people like Marlo in this world who do things like this out of their heart, realizing the greater good in everything. Really inspiring.


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