90-Year-Old Grandma Refuses Cancer Treatment And Chooses To Enjoy Her Life To The Fullest Instead

90-year-old Norma lost her husband and was also diagnosed with cancer in the span of one week.  She surprised many people by rejecting treatment and heading off to travel the US.

Just two short days after losing her husband of 60 years, Norma was told she had a large cancerous tumor in her uterus. Doctors offered surgery, radiation and chemo, but Norma simply told them, “No, I’m 90 years old. I’m hitting the road.”
old woman rejects treatment to travel

And that’s exactly what she did.

Norma’s kids live in a mobile RV and, when Norma told them about her decision, they supported her 100%.
>For the last six months, Norma’s been traveling the US with her family on the trip of a lifetime, in no pain and even, incredibly, seeing signs of her cancer going into partial remission.
old woman rejects treatment to travel

When asked if Norma was being irresponsible her doctor said, “We see what cancer treatment looks like every day.”
“[She’s] doing exactly what I would want to do in this situation. Have a great trip!”
old woman rejects treatment to travel
So five-foot-tall adventurer Norma has been exploring all the sights the US has to offer and throwing herself into the fun.
old woman rejects treatment to travel
A particular highlight of her trip so far was the hot air balloon ride over central Florida.
old woman rejects treatment to travel
Where Norma had to be lifted in and out of the basket and couldn’t stop laughing.
old woman rejects treatment to travel
Norma has visited National Parks across the country, seen the Rocky Mountains, explored New Orleans, and taken part in a Native American ceremony — and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.old woman rejects treatment to travel
Norma’s advice is simple: “Keep praying every day that God will take care of you, even when it feels like you can’t care for yourself,” she says.
“Just keep on going every day, that’s about it.”
old woman rejects treatment to travel

Norma, you’re an inspiration to us all.


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