Make Honey-Orange Chicken Drumsticks Right In Your Slow Cooker

Orange Chicken Drumsticks1

If you love Chinese food and don‘t have time to whip up something magical from scratch, try making this easy orange chicken crock pot recipe. It takes minutes to prepare and you can let it cook while you’re at work all day!

Ingredients :

8 chicken drumsticks (breasts and tenders also work)
1/4 cup of honey
3 tablespoons of orange juice (freshly squeezed)
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of ground ginger
1 tablespoon of white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of dry chilli flakes

All you need to do is mix honey, soy sauce, white vinegar and ginger into a bowl and stir thoroughly.

Place the chicken in the crock pot, turn it on low and pour the mixture over the drumsticks – be sure to coat each drumstick evenly! Put the lid on and let it cook for 4-6 hours, or until you’re ready to eat. Your family will love the strong ginger, honey and orange flavors and you’ll love how easy it is!


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