Owner Loves Taking All Her Animals Out For A Walk Together

The lovely lady of Scofflaw Farms takes pride in walking her large mountain dogs, dozens of chickens and many adorable goats, all at once! It may look odd, but we can’t stop watching…


The Scofflaw Farm was first designed as a sort of “safe haven” for a handful of hens in a suburban backyard. Soon, their collection of animals grew and the farm expanded to include goats, as their website explains, “We raise quality Nigerian dwarf goats, with our foundational doe and herd matriarch, 4 Boot Farm Jayne Mansfield; several junior does; and, of course, our carefully selected herd sires.” The two large herding dogs who also roams the farm are there to keep the rest of the animals in line, and to give lots of licks and snuggles!

Although Scofflaw Farms may seem strange to some, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Watch the herd of Scofflaw animals take an afternoon stroll in this fascinating video – they all behave and follow along so well!


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