Angry Mom Accuses Her Of Being A Mysoginist

So my three years old is at the stage where he likes pointing out things about people around him.

This morning during a quick stop to the grocery store we see a “little girl” slightly older than my son crying about wanting some marshmallow cereal. And my son looks at me and says “SHE’s sad,” and he looks to her and says “it’s gonna be ok” that’s when the fun begins. . . . . . feminist mommy literally turns a shade of red I did not believe to be humanly possible and says “how dare you teach your son to use misogynistic gender hate-filled pronouns” . . . . “my child is non gendered” and it is completely irresponsible of you not to teach your son how to be respectful of others!

The little girl stops crying looks at her mom and says the most beautiful thing ever. Literally, I needed no words. She says “mommy I’m a girl.” Literally didn’t have to say bad just smiled and the mommy and daughter tore off out of the store. The mommy a new shade of red clearly for embarrassment.

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