Bride And Groom Go To Say Vows, But Suddenly, Priest Tells Their Confused Parents To Stand Up

In November 2010, Drew and Gina held their beautiful vintage-inspired wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona. They couldn’t wait for their beloved parents to watch them tie the knot.

During the ceremony, Father Jim Husek, the wedding officiant, began to speak to the guests about lasting love and marriage… and how lasting love is hard to find.

At the time, Drew’s parents had been together 34 years. Gina’s parents were going on their 38th year of marriage. Father Jim went on to say that it was the parents who created the foundation on which their kids could create such strong commitments to their soon-to-be spouses. After all, Drew and Gina had the ideal role models.

But just before Drew and Gina solidified their nuptials, Father Jim did something unexpected. “If you don’t mind standing a bit to the side,” he said to Drew and Gina. “This is going to be for the parents.”

Drew and Gina’s parents had no idea why they were asked to stand in their seats, or that the bride and groom were in on the surprise. Father Jim, who has been officiating weddings for many years, admitted he had never seen anything like this before.

The surprise, along with the parents’ reactions, became Gina’s favorite memory from her wedding day.

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