He Reprimands Woman For Parking In Handicapped Spot, Her Response Is Appalling…

Ryan Favro, from Toronto, Canada posted a video of his encounter with a woman who parked her car in a handicapped spot while getting coffee.  It did not appear that she had a handicap, so Favro boldly asked her if she is disabled while she walks back to her car with her drinks. When she said she is not, he continues to question why she would park in the handicap spot.

The woman becomes angry and proceeds to tell Favro that if he does not stop filming her, she will break his nose. She then gets into her Jeep to leave and notices that Favro has captured her license plate number. She then gets out of her car and yells at the man to back off,  and throws her hot coffee at him.

Favro posted the video on YouTube and Reddit with a caption explaining the situation.


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