After Repeated Requests That They Not Park On His Farm, Frustrated Farmer Serves Up Revenge…

In Zagreb, Croatia, a farmer, named Pavao Bedekovic continually asked individuals to stop parking on his land.  Individuals being visitors and vendors, would visit a weekly flea market that takes place nearby.

Because they did not listen to him, while the visitors were at the flea market, Bedekovic brought out his tractor and began plowing the ground between the two rows of vehicles to prepare for the planting of corn. This made it impossible for the drivers to leave the property once they returned to the area.

When the stunned drivers realized that they would be unable to leave,  they called local police.  The police said they were unable to do anything about Bedekovic’s actions since it was his land.

Bedekovic eventually relented and flattened the ground enough for the vehicles to leave, having made his point about respecting private property.


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