She Left Her Husband Who Cheated On Her For The Third Time And What Her Sons Do For Her Is Priceless…

When our dad cheated on my mother the 3rd time she had the guts to say “F*** you” and finally leave him, taking her 2 boys with her. She worked at a nail salon for years and still does.

She works her ass off and you would think we didn’t get the attention we needed but we did. She somehow in her busy schedule always had breakfast made and lunch prepared. She wasn’t always there to make dinner but in time my brother and I learned to do that ourselves.

She gave us the freedom we wanted but not too much to go overboard. She punished us when we did something bad but nothing too drastic and she would always explain why she had to do it. She is a wonderful woman and I respect the everliving s*** out of her.

She is my idol. This woman who ditched her husband with a $8K a year job went on her own and supported 2 boys on a minimal pay. I don’t think my brother and I could ever do anything to pay her back but we are finally at the position where we can try.

My brother and I just recently pooled our money together and are looking at houses we can buy for her. This woman spent and threw away everything she had for us and it makes me so happy that in 3 months on her birthday we will finally be able to relieve so much of the stress that she has and surprise her with a fully paid house.



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